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Jack & jenny’s

Jack & Jenny’s

Windsor Road


Gautent, South Africa

Phone: 082 338 8176

Email: info@jackandjennys.co.za

Donkey Preserve & Equine Products


Jack & Jenny’s Donkey Preserve was founded our of pure love for donkeys.  Their kind, gentle spirit is often overlooked and our donkeys are often seen as lowly animals.  People at large treat donkeys very badly and we at Jack & Jenny’s feel that these members of our society and the community at large need to be educated about donkeys in order to change their perception and hopefully change the way they are treated.

During our time of caring for donkeys and rescuing them from homes where they are unwanted, we experienced difficulty in keeping the flies at bay.  Products purchased at stores did not seem to work and did not keep the flies away for longer than a few minutes.

We then began a journey of creating a solution to the fly problem and eventually have created and manufactured a wonderful oil based fly spray, with all natural products, especially for our donkeys.  This fly spray is used on our own donkeys and horses at the preserve and have found that our neighbouring stable yards and stores have been buying it for their own use.

Subsequently, we have expanded to areas near Lanseria airport in stores around Johannesburg & the Vaal Triangle.

Now in production and readily available all over Gauteng, our Fly Spray range has expanded to include a water based solution designed for stable walls, homes, furniture and much more.

Our fly spray is currently used in butcheries, stable yards, dog & cat kennels, bird Avery's and much more.

Please support the donkey preserve by purchasing your fly spray today.

Safe for use on cats and dogs too.

Happily Fly FREE

Some of our wonderful animals at the preserve.  This is Rosie & Black Jack

Curabitur felis erat

Our precious Scarlet & Rascal.